Eco Friendly
At Squeegee Clean, we care deeply about the health and wellness of your family, pets, and plants. That's why every product we use is proven to be environmentally friendly.

Born and raised in Portland, I am always conscious of the environment. That's why we never use any harsh products, such as bleach. This is especially important when having your roof cleaned or house softwashed. When harsh chemicals are used on your roof or siding, it will inevitably make its way into your gutter system or surrounding soil when the chemicals are rinsed off. This can damage your plants and the root systems of trees. It can also become stored in the soil, causing further damage in the future.

Before hiring a company to softwash, pressure wash, or clean your windows, ask them about the products they use. We have tried many products on the market, and have found the best environmentally friendly processes that will keep you safe while also making your home look amazing! If you have questions about how we work, we will be happy to walk you through our products and our methods. We'd love to hear from you.

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Owners, Robert and Hien Coffman keeping Portland Squeegee Clean since 2016

Owners, Robert and Hien Coffman keeping Portland Squeegee Clean since 2016

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Why Choose Squeegee Clean Window Washing?

Window Cleaning

Windows - Before and After

We go out of our way to ensure your windows are as clean as possible, and that when we leave, your windows have never looked cleaner. There hasn't been a set of windows we have not been able to clean. We go above and beyond to ensure all of your windows are Squeegee Clean!

We do commercial and residential. Skylights, french panes, storm windows, paint removal, and water stains... we do it all!

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Before and After

Sidewalks Before and After


Here in the beautiful Northwest, we are surrounded by moss and algae that grows on our roof, siding, concrete and almost every other exterior surface. We have powerful commercial grade pressure washers that will remove stains and moss/algae to keep your business or home looking bright!

Gutter Cleaning/Moss Removal


Moss and algae can make a home's roof stand out for the wrong reasons. We brush off moss, blow/clean up the moss we removed, then apply a product that will kill the remaining moss and help maintain the look of the roof. Lastly, we clean up debris that has fallen into your gutters and can even unclog drains to keep the rain from overflowing!

Solar Panel Cleaning


Solar panels are becoming more and more common here in the Portland area. But did you know solar panels need to be cleaned to keep them efficient? Dirt, grime, moss and algae grow on the surface that reduces energy intake. We use non abrasive methods and never use chemicals on your solar panels to ensure we do not scratch or damage them!

House Washing and Softwashing

Softwash - Before and After


A clean exterior on your home will not just make it look better, but make you feel better every time you look at your house! Cleaning the exterior of your home can be a lot of work. So it is best left to professionals, like us here at Squeegee Clean.

While other companies use harsh chemicals, such as bleach to clean the outside of your home, we always use environmentally friendly products that will not harm you, your plants or animals! We use a process called softwashing, where we apply a soap, then gently rinse off moss, mold, dirt and grime. Whether you have vinyl siding, wood or brick, we can make the outside of your home sparkle!

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phone: (971) 712-8160


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