Squeegee Clean: Finest Commercial Cleaning Services in Portland Oregon

Squeegee Clean has proudly been serving Portland and nearby areas since 2016. Our highly skilled and trained staff is always ready to take on Portland’s most challenging houses, making your windows glittering clean and making your home and its outdoor areas look brand new again. Squeegee Clean was established in 2016 by Robert and Hien Coffman.

Since then, we have been enhancing Portland with our services which include power washing in Portland, window cleaning, Portland gutter cleaning, pressure cleaning, roof cleaning in Oregon and many more. We have employed only the best professionals in the industry for a long time.

We are conscious and careful of our surroundings and take every measure before cleaning your home to provide you with a satisfying experience. Whether we are pressure cleaning in Portland Oregon, cleaning windows, decks or driveways or soft washing your home, or washing the mold off your tiles or dirty roof, we prepare surroundings to make sure the process goes smoothly, and we leave your personal things and your home the way we got them, but just a whole lot sparkling!

We Take Pride in Our Work

Every work we take on is approached as though it were our last. We have always believed that perseverance triumphs over talent and that, when combined, the two make an unbeatable combination. There are no shortcuts with your Squeegee Clean Portland window cleaning in Portland and pressure cleaning Portland Oregon crew. We guarantee that we’ll always be on time and get the job done quickly and correctly.

What We Do

Reliable Power Washing in Portland

A high-pressure water spray is used in the power washing Portland process to remove dirt, grime, dust, muck, and other kinds of debris from surfaces. Exterior surfaces, including buildings, sidewalks, decks, patios, and driveways, frequently employ this cleaning method.

A hose that carries pressured water to a nozzle and a wand that the operator uses to guide the high-pressure water stream onto the surface to be cleaned make up the usual components of power washing in Portland equipment. Depending on the use, detergents or chemicals may also be added to the water to improve cleaning.

Power washing in Portland helps restore the appearance of several outdoor surfaces and is an efficient technique to remove accumulated dirt and grime from surfaces. It should be used carefully, though, since the high-pressure water stream might harm some surfaces if not handled correctly. That’s why you need to hire Squeegee Clean Portland.

Window Washing in Portland has Never Been Easier

We at Squeegee Clean believe that window washing in Portland is all about details, and we make sure we spend the right time and effort which your windows deserve. Window cleansing and washing require a great deal of attention to detail. We promise never to leave drippings or streaks behind. To ensure that we never harm your glass, all of our window cleaning in Portland and washing equipment is either brand new or in outstanding condition. We might occasionally need to relocate your outdoor items or decorations. To ensure that it is returned exactly as it was before, we snap a picture before relocating it.

Finest Portland Gutter Cleaning

Water from the roof is collected in gutters, channeling it away from the home’s foundation. Water near a house’s foundation can result in floods, cracks, and other long-lasting harm. A crucial task to prevent potential long-term foundation problems is Portland gutter cleaning.

The volume of water that collects on the roof after heavy rain cannot be handled by gutters that are blocked with debris from trees and vegetation. As a result, your gutters will overflow, and water will build up close to the home’s foundation. You may prevent this by regularly cleaning your gutters.

Squeegee Clean will manually clean your gutters, and the downspouts will be flushed to ensure they are clear. The weight of our gutter-friendly ladders is supported by the roof rather than the gutters, reducing the risk of dents or other damage. Also, Squeegee Clean will bag and remove the trash.

Best Pressure Cleaning in Portland, Oregon

The beauty of your house, driveway, or patio is badly impacted by dirt, mold, mildew, cobwebs, and other stains. The skilled cleaners at Squeegee Clean Portland can get rid of these ugly stains without harming sensitive surfaces like stucco and painted facades, thanks to their thorough training and use of low-pressure nozzles.

To remove mold and algae from your roof, concrete foundation, house, and other external surfaces, some places additionally provide the option of soft-washing. In addition to removing mold and algae stains, pressure-washing makes surfaces last longer and keeps them clean every time it rains.

Leaching, efflorescence, and rust may be extremely challenging to remove. Rust and other stains are efficiently removed with eco-friendly cleansers. We can remove a wide range of organic and chemical stains by applying the right pressure cleaning techniques in Portland Oregon, and solution in the right quantities.

Roof Cleaning in Oregon

Does your roof contain moss or mold? Squeegee Clean Portland employs a number of cleaning methods to get rid of those unpleasant materials and restore a clean look. We may clean your roof using either modern soft washing techniques or conventional pressure cleaning techniques in Portland Oregon, depending on the area and kind of shingle.

Remember to clean your solar panels. You may save time, money, and energy by having your solar panels cleaned regularly. To effectively clean your panels, we either wash them by hand or use purified water.

We Are a One-Stop Solution

Squeegee Clean in Portland Oregon provides a distinctive service encounter. For us, it goes beyond simple window washing in Portland. We are committed to continuously enhancing our offerings so that we can give them a fantastic experience from beginning to end, in addition, to clean windows. We make an effort to make sure that every client encounter includes peace of mind, quality, courteous service, and safety. We work hard to offer excellent service at competitive prices.

Squeegee Clean window washers are qualified experts who receive both on-the-job training and in-house instruction. Our training program reflects the importance we place on professionalism, safe work practices, and high-quality customer service. Every stage of the cleaning process takes place in your house while one of our trustworthy team members is actively sought out, hired, and trained. This way, we can guarantee that your property is in excellent hands.