Fencing plays a crucial function in providing privacy, security, and aesthetic value to our properties. Over time, though, they have to deal with the worst of nature, from the hot sun to the constant rain. Therefore, they can become soiled with grime, moss, and mold. The wonders of pressure washing have arrived. Especially in the case of Pressure Washing Portland, where quality and skill meet, your fence can be restored to pristine condition in a flash.

1. Choose the Right Equipment and Understanding PSI Values

Pressure washing equipment is vast and varied, each designed for specific tasks. Especially when it comes to fences, the type of wood, paint, and prior treatments can influence the choice of equipment. Particularly for wooden fences, a medium-duty pressure washer is recommended, with PSI values typically ranging between 2000 and 2800. This PSI range strikes a balance between effective cleaning and preserving the structural integrity of the fence. Higher PSI values might provide a more aggressive cleaning, but they also have an increased risk of causing potential harm to the wood by splintering or gouging it.

2. Prepare Your Fence

Before introducing the high-powered water jet, it’s vital to prep the fence. This involves removing loose debris, old cobwebs, and accumulated leaves using a stiff brush. For Portland residents, Portland pressure washing services emphasize this pre-cleaning ritual. Their detailed preparation ensures the pressure washing is optimized, preventing overworking the equipment and achieving a cleaner fence in less time.

3. Use the Appropriate Cleaning Solution

While water does a commendable job of effectively combating stubborn stains, algae, mold, or mildew, a specialized fence-cleaning solution becomes essential. These solutions are designed for pressure washers and enhance the cleaning power when mixed with water, providing a deeper clean. Additionally, these solutions prepare the fence surface for subsequent treatments, such as sealing or staining, enhancing adherence and longevity.

4. Keep a Consistent Distance

The distance from which you pressure wash can make a considerable difference. A consistent 12 to 16 inches is typically ideal. Any closer, and the high water pressure can damage the wood, leading to an uneven surface or structural vulnerabilities. Too far away, and you’re merely giving your fence a gentle rinse. Consistency is key here: maintaining an even distance ensures uniform cleaning.

5. Start from the Top

Water follows gravity, so it’s logical to start pressure washing from the top and work your way downwards. This method ensures that the grime, dirt, and cleaning solution flow downwards, preventing dirty runoff from soiling already cleaned sections. Moreover, it avoids streak formation that can occur if cleaned in patches.

6. Test a Small Area First

Depending on age, type of wood, and prior treatments, every fence reacts differently to pressure washing. Before undertaking the entire length of the fence, select a small, inconspicuous patch to test. This trial run informs you about the washer’s effectiveness and ensures that the settings are adjusted right, mitigating the risk of unintended damage.

7. Opt for Professional Services

Especially for first-timers, the intricacies of pressure washing can be complicated. This is where professional Portland pressure washing services come in. With their trained crew, state-of-the-art equipment, and in-depth knowledge, they ensure that your fence is not just cleaned but also cared for. Plus, professionals can provide insights into maintaining the fence post-wash.

8. Allow the Fence to Dry Thoroughly

After a thorough cleaning, your fence is now very wet. Before you treat, paint, or seal the fence, it’s important to let it dry out fully. It usually takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for this to dry. The speed of drying is affected by things like sunshine, humidity, and wind. If you hurry through this process, the solution might not work either, and the paint might not last as long.

9. Consistency for Longevity

Cleaning isn’t a one-time chore. Your fence is constantly exposed to the ever-changing weather conditions in Portland, from sun to rain to snow. Establishing a bi-annual or annual maintenance routine ensures your fence looks good and stands strong against the elements. Portland pressure washing service providers, like Squeegee Clean, are highly recommended for their detailed and expert approach when considering this routine.

Squeegee Clean Window Washing – Your Portland Pressure Washing Experts!

There is more to pressure washing than simply discharging water. It is an art that requires precision, the proper equipment, and skill. Whether you’re embarking on a do-it-yourself journey or opting for professional services, these tips will guide you in the right direction. Provide your fence with the care it deserves. Need expert Portland pressure washing services and advice? Reach out to Squeegee Clean Window Washing for service that is unequaled!