Homebuyers, on average, will only spend 10-20 minutes looking through a house. They do not have the time or expertise to look through every single aspect of the house with a fine-tooth comb.

What they will assume, though, is that if the house is unkempt, then what else is wrong? You don’t want to lose a potential renter or home buyer because the house looks cluttered.

Conversely, if a house is clean, homebuyers will automatically assume it has been well taken care of.

While everyone else is looking to redo their floors, kitchens, and bathrooms, one tiny task that greatly improves the perception of your home is window washing.

Here are three reasons how professional window washing can impress prospective buyers and renters and maximize your home’s value.

Window Washing Gets You the Most Bang for the Buck

According to this HomeGain article, investing a few hundred dollars on window washing can boost a home’s sale value by up to $2,300. Spending a few hundred dollars on professional window washing would get you a return on investment of over 600%. This is one investment you don’t want to leave on the table.

Glam Up Your House with Shiny Windows

Before renters, home buyers, or AirBNB guests decide to step foot onto your property, they are first looking at your house through the internet.

You want to make a flawless first impression by making sure your interior is picture-perfect.

Getting us to wash your windows will free up time for you to stage your furniture, touch up your walls, and shampoo your carpets so that your house can be “dressed to impress!”

Make Your Rooms Feel Larger and Brighter

Professional home stagers often recommend removing heavy drapes and window coverings your windows. The reason? If it’s a sunny day and the curtains are closed, one of the very first things a visitor will do is try to open them. Ironically,  hiding your dirty windows by keeping the curtains closed will prompt people to find out exactly why. Psychology will then run its course — if the windows are unkempt, what else is wrong?

Conversely, if your windows are Squeegee Clean, your rooms will be lit up with the sun’s natural rays, making the room appear more bright and spacious. That natural light will give people a positive feeling about your home.

Get Window Washing Checked off Your To-Do List by Contacting Us

The list of things to do is overwhelming when thinking of selling or renting your home. One thing you do not want to skip is having your windows cleaned professionally. Even if you’re not looking to sell your house, having us clean your windows will get this off your to-do list, freeing your weekend to do whatever else you need to get to.

We have all the right tools, we have the expertise, and most importantly, we’re not afraid of getting a little dirty.  Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote today on any interior/exterior cleaning of your property. We are here to help make your home Squeegee Clean!